Braving Mussoorie's Madding Crowd

Braving Mussoorie's Madding Crowd


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There was an old man at Landour

who wanted young folk to laugh more;

so he cooked up this book,

and with laughter, they shook

as they rolled down the hill to Rajpore.

 In this rib-tickling anthology, Ruskin Bond brings together funny stories, humourous articles, and comic verse. These hilarious encounters—from a lunatic who escapes the asylum to watch a cricket match to a goat that goes berserk in a posh drawing room—written by renowned humourists such as Stephen Leacock, Jerome K. Jerome, C.A. Kincaid, and, of course, Ruskin Bond himself, are guaranteed to make you smile, chuckle, snort, giggle and laugh out loud!

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