Eyes Of The Cat

Eyes Of The Cat


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'Her eyes seemed flecked with gold when the sun was on them. And as the sunset over the mountains, drawing a deep red wound across the sky, there was more than gold in Kiran's eyes. There was anger...' Who does not enjoy short stories that are pithy, compelling, and gripping? In this collection, Ruskin Bond selects some of the best short stories for his readers. There is O. Henry's classic story about hunting in the great outdoors; Guy de Maupassant's Gothic horror classic about a severed hand with a mind of its own; Edgar Allan Poe's tale about a heart that doesn't seem to stop beating; and stories by H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and by Ruskin Bond himself. Always entertaining and completely unputdownable, the stories in Eyes of the Cat will keep readers riveted till the very last page.

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