Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy


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The story follows the romantic life of Anastasia Steele, who happens to interview a powerful business tycoon named Christian Grey. Grey is young, smart, and witty which is why Anastasia finds herself attracted to him. When Christian begins feeling the same about her, the story unfolds very quickly. Ana gets to peep inside the life of a very secretive man.

The bold and passionate affair makes Ana see-through Christian. She sees the compassionate and caring person inside him. The tormented past and the desires of Christian leave her stunned. This desire sets their passion on flames and forces Ana to make a major decision in her life. Finally, when Ana finds peace with Grey and begins a happy life, much darker secrets begin to come to light and the happy life of the couple sees a lot of obstacles and hurdles. Will Ana be able to stand through it? Will she find true love? Will she have to settle with a relationship based on lust? The trilogy gives all the answers.

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