Monkey Trouble and Other Grandfather Stories

Monkey Trouble and Other Grandfather Stories


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Three stories that will delight through words and pictures. Ruskin Bonds's short stories have been read and loved by children for decades and he remains by far one of India's most popular writers for children. Funny, heartwarming, and full of mischief, his stories are also visual delights. In this collection, acclaimed illustrator Priya Kuriyan draws three favorite stories as a comic book. In Monkey Trouble finds out all about the mischief Tutu the monkey that Grandfather brings home gets up to. In Eye of the Eagle Jai has to singlehandedly save his herd from a wily eagle. And in A Special Tree Rakesh and Grandfather take a small seed and watch as it grows into a tree that refuses to die. Colorful, lively, and perfect for readers of all ages, this comic book version will present Ruskin Bonds's well-loved stories in an amazing new format.

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