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'Jackals howled dismally, foraging for bones and offal down in the khud below the butcher's shop. Pasand was unperturbed by the sound...' Nowadays, we are often assured by the cool touch of technology when confronted with fear. Help is just a call away. But the creatures of the dark await in the shadows, laughing at our foolishness, for their powers transcend those of man's modern gadgets. Could Pasand, a man of the millennium, ever think that his cell phone would be of no help as he is caught in the clutches of the family in the graveyard? Could Harley Warren, a researcher of forbidden subjects, ever imagine that the telephone he was using to keep in touch with his friend as he explored the dark depths of a sepulcher would be useless in the face of danger? These and other elements of the night find a place in this book compiled by India's favorite author, Ruskin Bond. Comprising stories by Rudyard Kipling, H.H. Munro, Bram Stoker, and others, Night of the Millennium will chill you to the bone!

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