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Stephen King's definitive horror novel, The Shining, tells the story of Jack Torrance who takes his family to the Overlook Hotel, where things turn catastrophic.

Summary of the Book

A frustrated writer, Jack Torrance takes his family to the Overlook Hotel after he accepts a job as the winter caretaker. A recovering alcoholic, Jack's inner demons begin to take hold of him in the hotel and he is slowly possessed by the Hotel's demons who are after Jack's son Danny who is gifted or cursed, with a mystic power called the Shining.

About Stephen King

Stephen King is an American horror-fiction writer. His books Carrie, Cujo and the Dark Tower Series have rocketed him to fame and fortune. He has also written under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.

King graduated from the University of Maine, where he met and married his wife Tabitha King. He lives in Bangor, Maine.

The Shining was made into a hit movie which launched Jack Nicholson's career. King continued Danny Torrence's story years after the first novel in Doctor Sleep.

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