What is An eBook?

 ebook; e-book

(ē-ˌbu̇ u̇ k\) n.

1. a version of a literary work that is rendered, stored, distributed and read in digital form. Contrasted with a printed book.

2. an electronic device whose sole or principal function is to display books in digital form.

To avoid confusion, in Help Centre articles we will refer to the electronic device as an ebook readerdevice and the literary work as an ebook (or ebook file).

An ebook is an electronic copy of a book. You can start reading an ebook as soon as you've paid for it, so there is no waiting for delivery.

Suriya.info come in different formats and each format has its own features. The ebooks available on Suriya.info are not always available in every format, so please check the product page to check the available formats for that particular ebook. But the Two formats we currently offer are our PDF and EPUB.

Suriya.info can be read online in your browser, requiring no extra software. But in order to download an ebook, you need to download a small piece of free software known as an ebook reader. The particular software you need depends on the type of device you would like to read on (for instance ahand held device or on your computer).

Copyright Restrictions

The ebooks available from Suriya.info are almost exclusively from major publishing houses who have legal obligations to their authors. These obligations in turn mean that there are limits on the ways that ebooks can be distributed and used.